About us

The sense of gratification is immense when I help my clients solve their legal problems.

The look of relief and happiness on a client’s face when he realizes that his legal problems have been solved never gets old. This is the power of what we do as lawyers. It is both humbling and inspiring.

Doris Chia

From the Managing Director’s desk

DC Law is a Singapore-based boutique law firm with our sights set on the future, and our values grounded in the past. We honour the traditional values of integrity, professionalism, and ethicality in our practice of the law, but also embrace the future of lawyering.

Our lawyers are known for their expertise in emerging areas such as Internet, tech, privacy and defamation law concerning new media. We are also fluent in core legal areas including litigation, corporate, commercial, contracts, tort, and family law. Our proficiencies in domains both familiar and new allow us to deliver advice that is legally-sound, but at the same time alive to the dynamic business and societal landscapes we are part of.

While the world around us changes, one thing remains constant: the law touches all aspects of our professional and personal lives. Which is why we always place our clients’ interest first. This means representing them to the best of abilities, regardless of whether they are corporates, individuals, well-to-do, or needy. We believe in “paying it forward” because we acknowledge that we have been blessed with much.