Our Expertise & Practice Areas

Doris is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb) and a Fellow of the Singapore Institute of Arbitrators (SIAC). Our team has acted in several arbitration matters involving regional and local parties.

Wei Li clerked for one of the region’s most prominent arbitrators – Mr Michael Hwang SC – and is fluent in the the rules and proceedings of institutional arbitration. He routinely represents Chinese clients in cross-border arbitrations, where an effective mastery of both English and Chinese is required.

Together, our lawyers have acted in and assisted in the adjudication of numerous high-value commercial arbitrations. This translates into a deep understanding of the rules and workings of major arbitral institutions as well as of the procedure and techniques used in modern-day arbitration.  Furthermore, we maintain close links with arbitration and litigation practitioners in other countries, allowing us to provide strategic counsel in disputes that involve cross-border elements.

We are a team of formidable lawyers, so dispute resolution is our forte.

However, we do recognise that having one’s day in court is not, and should not, be the be-all-end-all of resolving a dispute. In addition, we understand that some types of disputes require delicate management because of the cost, confidentiality, reputational or even emotional concerns that may arise. Our lawyers, even as experienced litigators, will always advise clients to adopt a calibrated approach to managing a dispute. This means working closely with the client and immersing ourselves in the context of the dispute in order to explore cost effective and less contentious avenues of helping parties move on from their disagreements.

Be that as it may, we recognise that, at times, efforts at reaching a settlement may eventuate in an impasse. In these instances, our litigation team will endeavour to achieve a favourable outcome for clients that takes into account costs, time and the client’s underlying objectives. Our litigators have a deep understanding of the civil litigation process, and will leverage on such knowledge to secure tactical advantages, where possible, at the pre-trial stage. Should the dispute make its way to a trial, clients are assured that our litigators have experience advocating before all divisions and levels of the Singapore court system.

We have advised and acted for many clients with their divorce, maintenance, care and control, variation orders and other orders.

We have acted in many cases where one party breached the contract in cases involving construction, sale of goods and provision of services etc.

Doris is recognised to be a leading authority in Singapore on defamation. She has written two legal textbooks on the defamation law titled, “Defamation: Principles and Procedure in Singapore and Malaysia” (1st edition, 2016 Ed, LexisNexis) and “Evans on Defamation in Singapore and Malaysia” (3rd edition, 2008 Ed, LexisNexis). These books have been cited by Judges in reported court decisions in Singapore and Malaysia. To see the two legal textbooks written by Doris and the cases where Judges have referred to her defamation textbooks, see here.
We have advised and acted in respect of different types of insurance claims including fire, non-payment of invoices and D&O. We have also acted in personal injury claims. In 2012, we successfully defended a French manufacturer of UPS systems against a claim for negligence under a fire insurance action for S$8.6m (Sato Kogyo (S) Pte Ltd & Anor v Socomec SA [2012] SGHC 76, High Court).

We have advised and acted for clients in respect of shareholder’s disputes, special investigations, defamation, minority oppression claims and companies winding up applications. We have worked with lawyers in the Cayman Islands and Bermuda when representing public listed companies in Singapore that are incorporated in those countries. We have extensive experience in matters relating to hedge funds.

We provide strategic advice to employers and employees before, during or after a termination or resignation. We can help you to achieve the desired outcome without the expense and publicity of a court action. We have advised on non-competition clause, non-solicit clause and breach of confidentiality.

We have acted for high-profile clients to obtain protection under the law for the various types of harassing conduct they face. These range from physical stalking and threats of violence to the publication of untrue, abusive, and offensive content on the Internet and social media. We are also skilled in online investigation techniques that allow us to track down anonymous content posters.

We have acted in a landmark decision involving restitution of monies that were misappropriated (George Raymond Zage III and another v Ho Chi Kwong and another [2010] 2 SLR 589, Court of Appeal).

We have advised and acted for corporate clients in relation to injuries suffered on their premises by third parties and liaising with their insurers on the claims made by third parties.

We have advised and acted for major creditors in Scheme of arrangements and when a Receiver & Manager is appointed. The cases we have acted in are:

We help our clients obtain the Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration upon the passing of a family member.
We advise and act for corporate landlords on their tenancy agreements and in respect of defaulting tenants.
We advise on the Building Maintenance Strata Management Act (Cap 30C), its regulations, by-laws and house rules, defamation, encroachment and breach of the Act or By-laws (see Chia Sok Kheng Kathleen v Management Corporation Strata Title Plan No 669 [2004] 4 SLR(R) 27, High Court).

We have advised and acted for clients who experience disputes with their neighbours arising from noise, disturbances or inconsiderate behaviour. We help our clients draft complaints or requests to relevant authorities such as the Housing and Development Board, town councils or the Building and Construction Authority. We also represent our clients in mediations before the Community Mediation Centre and the State Courts’ Centre for Dispute Resolution.

When a disagreement cannot be resolved by settlement or mediation, we will file a claim in Court under the Community Dispute Resolution Act. This allows our clients to obtain court orders prohibiting their neighbours from continuing to engage in the disruptive conduct. We also act for clients who face threatening, abusive, or violent conduct in the lodging of a criminal complaint, or in the initiation of a civil lawsuit.

The Internet and social media present both companies and individuals with new ways of connecting and doing business. However, these modes of digital communication and interaction are not without their risks.

Our lawyers have a deep understanding of Internet and social media law. We frequently advise companies, bloggers and social-media influencers on the following matters:

  • Responsible online conduct, and how to avoid publishing content that may be deemed defamatory
  • Taking action against Internet users who leave untrue, defamatory or inflammatory comments
  • Laws and regulations governing online marketing and advertising
  • Disputes arising from the sale of goods and services online, for example, on blogshops or through online retailers.
  • Protecting the personal data of customers obtained over the Internet
  • Copyright and intellectual property issues arising from content usage on the Internet

We also act for individuals who are the target of online harassment and defamation, including clients who unwittingly find that their personal data or information have been posted or circulated without their permission on the Internet.

We routinely represent patients and their families in medical-negligence matters against hospitals, clinics, and doctors. The claims we have dealt with and litigated involve instances of misdiagnosis, oversight, incorrect prescriptions, and failure to diagnose. We have a working understanding of medical terminology, hospital processes, and common medical procedures, all of which make us effective and efficient counsel in medical lawsuits. We are familiar with the litigation and mediation process involving medical claims.

We also have experience defending doctors and medical professionals who find themselves the subject of disciplinary proceedings.