3 Reasons Why You Should Appoint A Mediator To Settle Your Case

3 Reasons Why You Should Appoint A Mediator To Settle Your Case

When legal disputes arise, it’s natural for parties involved to want a swift and fair resolution. Unfortunately, general and commercial litigation in Singapore can be costly, time-consuming, and emotionally demanding. This is where mediation comes into play.

Mediation is a voluntary and confidential procedure that allows parties to resolve their disagreements with the assistance of a neutral third party –- the mediator. In this article, we will look at 3 compelling reasons why you should consider appointing a mediator to settle your dispute, providing a more efficient and cost-effective alternative to traditional litigation.

1. Preserving relationships

One of the primary reasons why mediation should be your first choice when resolving a legal dispute is its ability to preserve relationships. In many cases, the parties involved have some form of prior or ongoing relationship, whether it be family, business, or community ties. Litigation can often result in strained relationships, bitterness, and lingering resentment, which can have long-lasting negative consequences.

Mediation, on the other hand, places a strong emphasis on communication and collaboration. The mediator facilitates a dialogue where parties can express their concerns, interests, and goals. This open communication can lead to a deeper understanding of each other’s perspectives and concerns, often helping parties find common ground. Through this process, solutions that are more likely to be acceptable to all parties involved are reached.

Thus, appointing a mediator is an excellent choice for situations such as family or probate disputes, shareholder disputes, workplace conflicts and more. In each of these scenarios, mediation provides a structured and safe environment for addressing and resolving conflicts while prioritising the preservation of relationships.

DC Law LLC’s mediation services, provided by our experienced professional, offer a perfect example of how mediation can effectively preserve relationships and resolve disputes while respecting the interests of all parties involved.

2. Cost-effective resolution

It is no secret that litigation is notoriously expensive. Legal fees, court costs, and the opportunity cost of time spent in court and quickly drain financial resources. Furthermore, the uncertainty of litigation outcomes means that parties may spend a considerable amount of money without any guarantee of success.

In contrast, mediation is a cost-effective alternative. Parties generally share the costs of mediation, which is significantly less than the expenses associated with going to court. Besides that, the time saved through mediation can be substantial, allowing parties to move forward with their lives, businesses, or other endeavours more quickly.

3. Control over the outcome

One of the most compelling reasons to appoint a mediator is the degree of control it gives parties over the outcome. In a courtroom, a judge or jury makes decisions based on the evidence presented, and the outcome is often uncertain. On the flip side, mediation empowers parties to have a say in the resolution of their dispute.

Mediation is entirely voluntary, and parties can only reach an agreement if they are satisfied with the terms. The mediator’s role is to facilitate communication, provide guidance, and help parties explore creative solutions. This means that participants have the power to shape the outcome according to their interests and needs, rather than being bound by the rigid rules and procedures of the courtroom.


To sum up, appointing a mediator to settle your legal case offers numerous advantages that are often superior to traditional litigation. Mediation preserves relationships, provides a cost-effective solution, and gives parties control over the outcome. These benefits are particularly vital when dealing with personal or professional disputes.

If you are in need of professional mediation services, DC Law LLC has got your back. Our commitment to facilitating communication, preserving relationships, and ensuring controlled resolutions makes us a trusted partner in helping you navigate and resolve your legal disputes.

By choosing mediation, you can find a faster, more amicable, and financially sustainable path to resolving your conflicts, all while preserving your relationships and controlling the outcome of your case.

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