What Happens When Someone Forges Your Signature On A Document

What Happens When Someone Forges Your Signature On A Document

Forging someone’s signature, whether on paper or digitally, has serious legal ramifications and can result in major consequences. It includes the forging of someone else’s signature or it entails application of a digital signature without the permission or approval of the person whose signature is being applied. It is not just ethically wrong but is also considered a criminal act.

What is signature forgery?

Forgery, in essence, involves replicating someone’s signature without his consent or authority. It is a form of fraud that can occur in various contexts, from financial documents like cheques and contracts to personal agreements and legal paperwork. When an individual falsifies your signature, he aims to deceive others into believing that you have authorised or agreed to something you have not.

Legal consequences

Forgery is considered a criminal offence in Singapore.

When someone forges your signature, he is not just betraying your trust but also committing a crime. The consequences for the individual responsible can vary, from monetary penalties to potential jail time, based on how serious the offence is.

Moreover, the document in question becomes null and void due to the fraudulent signature. If it is a contract, for instance, the forged signature renders the contract invalid, thereby releasing you from any obligations or responsibilities outlined within it.

Misusing electronic signatures without proper authorisation can also lead to legal complications. Even if someone initially had permission to use an e-signature, retaining or using it on other occasions without consent can constitute forgery.

Reporting signature forgery

When faced with a forged signature on any document, such as contracts or agreements, it is vital to act swiftly. Filing a report with law enforcement is crucial as forgery is a serious criminal offence. Reporting this initiates an investigation that could result in legal repercussions for the person behind the forgery.

Challenging the authenticity of forged documents in legal disputes

If a forged document surfaces in a legal dispute or lawsuit against you, you have the right to challenge its authenticity. The burden of proof lies with the party presenting the document with the forged signature. They must substantiate and validate the signature’s legitimacy. Failure to do so can result in the invalidation of their case.

Case study

DC Law LLC had successfully defended a client against a fraudulent document containing a signature that was not genuine. One party who possessed the other party’s digital signature may have applied it on a document without the consent or knowledge of that person or had forged the signature.

Protecting your signatures

It is crucial to safeguard both physical and electronic signatures and never allow anyone to possess or use them without explicit consent. Protecting your signatures can prevent potential misuse and legal entanglements.

Safeguarding against signature forgery involves a combination of preventative measures and swift action in response to any suspected instances. Some key strategies include:

  • Signature Variation: Developing a unique and distinguishable signature that’s difficult to replicate.
  • Secure Storage: Safeguarding personal documents and being vigilant about where and how signatures are used or stored.
  • Monitoring Accounts: Regularly reviewing financial statements and transaction histories for any suspicious activities.

Seeking Legal Counsel and Protection

If you find yourself in a situation involving forged signatures or facing legal disputes due to fraudulent documents, seeking legal counsel is essential.


Forging signatures, whether physical or electronic, is a serious offence with severe legal consequences. Reporting such incidents, challenging forged documents in legal disputes, and seeking legal counsel are crucial steps.

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